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Sprężynowa replika karabinu MSR 700

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  • Wykonanie : tworzywo sztuczne + metal
  • Waga : 3000g
  • Długość : 1140mm
  • Prędkość wylotowa : ~275/~420 FPS
  • Pojemność magazynka : 35 kulek
  • Producent : Ares

    Sprężynowa replika karabinu MSR 700

Replika wykonana jest z tworzywa sztucznego oraz elementów metalowych. Łożę repliki wykonane jest z tworzywa sztucznego, stopkę kolby wykonano z gumy o fakturze antypoślizgowej. Lufa, kabłąk, język spustowy, dźwignia przeładowania oraz zamek wykonane są z metalu. Nad zamkiem umieszczono szynę RIS 22 mm umożliwającą umieszczenie na replice celownika optycznego. Zarówno stopka kolby jak i poduszka podpoliczkowa posiadają regulację, dzieki czemu możliwe jest dostosowanie repliki do potrzeb użytkownika. Replika zaopatrzona jest w bolec umożliwiający zamocowanie dwójnogu. Magazynek mieści 35 kulek. 

W replice zastosowano reduktor mocy, który należy usunąć aby osiągnąć prędkość wylotową rzędy ~420 FPS. 

     W skład zestawu wchodzi : 

- sprężynowa replika karabinu MSR 700
- magazynek typu low-cap (35 kulek) 

Technical details:
Sprężynowa replika karabinu MSR 700
6 months
Velocity [FPS]

It is the spped of bb, while its leaving the innerbarrel of replica. This speed is measured in FPS (Feet Per Second).

1 FPS = 0,3 m/s

1 J = 99 m/s

1 J = 326,7 FPS


Replicas have spring, electric or gas propultion. Spring models need to reload after each shot (pull back the lock) to enter the ball into the chamber. At the same time it pulls spring back, to be able to give a shot. Electric replicas depends on the battery, whereby the engine drives the whole gearbox, and a gas models, push the BB by gas, which loads in magazine (in these replicas there is not spring).

Spring propultion
Type of fire:
Made of:
plastic + metal
Lenght [mm]

The length of the replca is measured between the two most distant points of each other. Different models have several of these values, because of its design allows to increase or decrease it length (eg.  folding stock or extended flash hider).

Innerbarrel length [mm]:
Weight [g]

This is a value that includes the weight of the replica, magazine and other accessories that are include in set without a battery, charger, cleaning rod, etc., etc.

Magazine type:
Low-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]:

Hop-Up system is used for overclocking bb during the shot (putting it in rotation), through which, it extends its flight path. Acting laws of physics make that bb lift up, while the gravitational force take it down. Appropriate adjustment of Hop-Up, will compensate for these two factors, which result in long and straight flight for longer distance and be greater focus shot (to improve accuracy).

Yes, regulated
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Author:Manli, Gothenburg Grade:
Seems like it is VSR10 compatible but not the trigger. i dissemble the trigger unit, seems like high quality aluminium trigger parts, my self little disapointed was expected some steel parts in trigger becuase if they decided to make something uniqe =make it better. seens Ares is well known company and the xternals part is really great. BTW there is a power-regulater on the Cylinder head(a little plastic part). I just say Ares gave a good shot making m40 airsoft.
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All presented TOY Model BB Guns have less than 2 J of power, and are designed for adults only (18 years old and above). Shooting at people, animals and other living objects without special protection is prohibited.

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