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SW-02A CQB sniper rifle replica with scope and bipod - Kryptek Mandrake®

Manufacturer:Snow Wolf
Kryptek Mandrake
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Very small quantity of stock
Quantity: Very small quantity of stock
  • Made of: metal + steel + plastic
  • Length: 1210 mm
  • Weight: 6180 g
  • Colour: Kryptek Mandrake®
  • Velocity: ~370 FPS
  • Manufacturer: Snow Wolf

SW-02A-CQB sniper rifle replica - Kryptek Mandrake®

The airsoft gun basing on the
SW-02A-CQB sniper rifle. The gun is made entirely of metal. The only exceptions are the pistol grip and some small elements, which are made of durable ABS. Some parts, such as the folding bipod, are made ​​of stainless steel, thus ensuring trouble free operation, irrespectively of the conditions.

SW-02A-CQB is feed from a hi-cap magazine. The standard, short M4/M16 magazine has been enclosed with a metal body. Thanks to this its appearance resembles the real steel archetype.

A 560mm long RIS rail is mounted on the top of the body, which enables mounting additional accessories and equipment.

The set, aside from the aforementioned steel bipod, also includes a 3-9x50E telescopic sight with assembly (high). The scope has an illuminated reticle – a modified Mil-Dot type reticle. The illumination is adjustable within a 0-10 range. The standard telescope has two flip-up type sunshades, and a tube that provides protection against light reflections.
Furthermore, the manufacturer included a folding, RIS mounted, carry handle that becomes very handy when we want to carry this massive airsoft gun.

What's especially interesting in this replica is the Kryptek Mandrake® camouflage printed onto it. It has been made using an incredibly precise method of applying paint to objects called a water transfer.

Note: The picture was presented a sample copy. Due to the irregularity of the applied camouflage, the actual look may vary slightly from shown in the picture.

The set includes:

- the airsoft gun
- a magazine
- a bipod
- a telescopic sight
- a 22mm RIS rail mount
- a RIS rail mounted carry handle
- a BB loader
- a tactical sling

Technical details:
Replika karabinu wyborowego SW-02A-CQB - Kryptek Mandrake®
Snow Wolf
12 months
Velocity [FPS]

It is the spped of bb, while its leaving the innerbarrel of replica. This speed is measured in FPS (Feet Per Second).

1 FPS = 0,3 m/s

1 J = 99 m/s

1 J = 326,7 FPS

Propulsion / Powered by:
Gearbox version

Indications v2, v3, v6 does not mean the level of advance, but only shape of gearbox skeleton which was used and selected by the manufacturer depending on the capabilities of the body of the replica. For example, a models of the M4/M16 family, MP5, have a v2 gearbox, while the AK family have gearbox v3.

v2 Gearbox
Type of fire:
Single, auto
Made of:
Metal + plastic
Lenght [mm]

The length of the replca is measured between the two most distant points of each other. Different models have several of these values, because of its design allows to increase or decrease it length (eg.  folding stock or extended flash hider).

Weight [g]

This is a value that includes the weight of the replica, magazine and other accessories that are include in set without a battery, charger, cleaning rod, etc., etc.

Magazine type:
Hi-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]:

Hop-Up system is used for overclocking bb during the shot (putting it in rotation), through which, it extends its flight path. Acting laws of physics make that bb lift up, while the gravitational force take it down. Appropriate adjustment of Hop-Up, will compensate for these two factors, which result in long and straight flight for longer distance and be greater focus shot (to improve accuracy).

Yes, adjustable
Blow Back

Blow back is a simulation system of the cocking lever - it imitates the work of it as the equivalent sharp. This system raises the realism and adds a lot more experience during shooting.

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All presented TOY Model BB Guns have less than 2 J of power, and are designed for adults only (18 years old and above). Shooting at people, animals and other living objects without special protection is prohibited.
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